Arizona – Cities

Back in the 1950s, Arizona and most other US states had four local networks to choose from for television programming; NBC, ABC, CBS and DuMont. Fast forward to today, we have numerous broadcasting networks in every state of the US, and Arizona is not an exception. Technology has boosted the development of broadcasting services, and the numerous networks were able to establish themselves into the market after the transition to digital broadcasting that happened in the year 2009. TV stations are nowadays in a position to air multiple programming options affordably. It has become easier to cover real-time news, inform and educate communities in every state, thanks to the availability of stations like FOX, CW Television Network and ION Television among others. Most of the channels that are aired by these broadcasters are free of charge because most of them started as public entities that air sports, news and features. Some affiliate stations offer repeats of the programs that have been aired by their parent stations. The need for fresh information and programming brought about cable television.

Cable and Satellite Providers

The need for fresh news, features and sports has led to the growth of numerous cable and satellite services in Arizona and other states too. Companies such as Cox, Comcast, DirecTV and Dish Network offer services too many parts of the states, but the product is more or less the same. The determinant of what a customer will get is the package that he or she will buy. This is where commercial networks come in, an example being PBS Satellite Services. Even though cable and satellite providers are costly than analog TV, their clarity and quality is far much better. However, cable is a bit expensive than satellite because the providers have to pay fees for local infrastructure. A standard charge of cable TV in Arizona that has a package of 140 channels is about $60 per month. A package of 190 channels for satellite TV would cost $25.

College and Campus Television

With the advent of technology, talent is being natured as early as possible. Various colleges in Arizona such as Downtown Phoenix Campus nature broadcasting talents through the stations that are established in the campus. A perfect example is the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication that merged with Arizona State University in 2008. Its studios of KAET that are an affiliate of PBS are used for general broadcasting and more so to give the students a chance to experience firsthand broadcasting.  The launching of KAET was in 1962 where it became an affiliate for National Education Television. Its main aim was to program education based content that was directed at ASU students. All the programming that is done on campuses and colleges in Arizona is in-house and focuses on the current events within the institutions. In addition to the educational information, the campus also air programming that is advantageous to the local community. Christian programming fits this perfectly. Public stations also use the college owned stations to airs content that is meant to reach to the roots of communities.

Arizona Television Stations

Arizona is rich with TV stations that serve its various cities. We cannot exhaust them here but some of them are CBS, PBS, Fox, NBC, ABC and TBN, which serve the cities of Phoenix and Tucson. Some of the listed stations above also serve Yuma. TeleFutura, Univision, Mundofox, Daystar are some of the other stations that serve cities like Bullhead Douglas Flagstaff, Holbrook and Kingman.

DTV Channel Lists are available for the following cities in Arizona.

Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)
Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
Mesa, Arizona (AZ)
Glendale, Arizona (AZ)
Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ)
Chandler, Arizona (AZ)
Tempe, Arizona (AZ)
Gilbert, Arizona (AZ)
Peoria, Arizona (AZ)
Yuma, Arizona (AZ)