Idaho – Cities

Idaho has two main television markets, serving the Boise area and the Idaho Falls-Pocatello region. Ever since the first high-power station began broadcasting in Boise on July 12, 1953, television has captivated Idaho residents, providing countless hours of entertainment and education to people of all ages.

Idaho holds a special position in the history of television. The inventor of the electronic television, Philo T. Farnsworth, grew up in Rigby, Idaho. Today, the Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum in Rigby has artifacts like the first television tube on display, with information about the life and work of the brilliant inventor.

The very first television broadcasting in Idaho was done in 1941, at an experimental station operated by Idaho State College, located in Pocatello, Idaho. Later on, numerous broadcasters set up stations to serve the various regions of Idaho. Today, major networks are all represented by Idaho broadcasters, and residents receive television service through cable and satellite as well.

Current Television Networks

Idaho’s capital and largest television market, Boise, is home to stations affiliated with the major networks, namely CBS (KBOI-TV), ABC (KIVI-TV), KTVB (NBC), and Fox (KNIN-TV). Also represented are PBS (KAID) and MyNetworkTV (KTRV-TV). KKJB features programming from Christian broadcaster Daystar Television Network (

The other large market in Idaho is Idaho Falls-Pocatello. Three of the major networks are also represented there, by KIDK (CBS), KPVI (NBC), and KIFI-TV (ABC). The Retro Television Network, which shows classic TV programming, and This TV, both have affiliates broadcasting in Idaho Falls-Pocatello.

The Lewiston and Twin Falls areas each have a CBS affiliate for their market, with call signs KLEW-TV and KMVT, respectively. Twin Falls is also home to This TV affiliate KXTF.

The Idaho State Board of Education operates Idaho Public Television, the PBS affiliate for Idaho. The flagship station is KAID in Boise, which was originally licensed to Boise State University. Today, Idaho Public Television also operates four satellite stations, in Coeur d’Alene, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Moscow. Together, the stations service most of Idaho’s population with public broadcasting programming.

Current Cable and Satellite Providers

Cable TV in Idaho is provided by national companies like Cable One, Comcast, and Cox Communications, as well as smaller local telecom companies. Satellite service from major companies like DirecTV and Dish Network rounds out the selection of television providers available in the state of Idaho.

College and Campus Television

Idaho’s public television stations are closely affiliated with Idaho’s institutions of higher learning. Idaho Public Television’s main station, KAID in Boise, was established with help from Boise State University. KISU-TV, the satellite station for the Idaho Falls-Pocatello area, broadcasts from its home at the campus of Idaho State University in Pocatello. KUID, the satellite for northern Idaho, has its broadcast and studio facilities at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Students at the University of Idaho help produce original programming for the station, for shows like Dialogue and ZOOM into Action that air as part of the KUID programming. This opportunity helps them sharpen their skills and serve the surrounding community.

DTV Channel Lists are available for the following cities in Idaho.

Boise, Idaho (ID)
Nampa, Idaho (ID)
Pocatello, Idaho (ID)
Idaho Falls, Idaho (ID)
Meridian, Idaho (ID)
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (ID)
Twin Falls, Idaho (ID)
Lewiston, Idaho (ID)
Caldwell, Idaho (ID)
Moscow, Idaho (ID)