Maryland – Cities

Maryland is home to the television broadcast markets of Baltimore, Hagerstown, and Salisbury. Baltimore is one of the larger markets in the United States, ranked at number 26 among major television regions. Maryland viewers are also able to access signals from nearby markets in other states and areas, such as Washington, D.C, whose channels are able to be received in Baltimore.

The state of Maryland has been home to early adoption and pioneering of the medium of television. Maryland saw its first commercial television station begin broadcasting on October 27, 1947, as WMAR-TV. It was only the eleventh station to be set up anywhere in the United States.
The National Capital Radio & Television Museum is located in Bowie, Maryland. The museum features exhibits showing the history of television, from its pre-electronic infancy to the widespread adoption in the 1950s, and on to the rollout of color TV technology.

Current Television Broadcast Networks

In Baltimore, each major network is represented by an affiliated station broadcasting its programming. WMAR-TV is the ABC affiliate in Baltimore, WJZ-TV is CBS, WBAL-TV is the NBC affiliate, and WBFF is Fox. Also broadcasting in Baltimore are MyNetworkTV, through WUTB, the CW, through WNUV, and PBS, through WMPB.

The Salisbury, Maryland, television market has CBS and ABC affiliates, with call signs (WBOC-TV and WMDT, respectively. The Hagerstown market has WHAG-TV (NBC), along with independent channel WJAL, which presents a variety of programming, from religious services to children’s shows to films.
Maryland Public Television is the PBS state network, broadcasting PBS programming as well as original productions. The flagship station is WMPB in Baltimore, with satellite stations in Annapolis, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Salisbury. Original programming includes regionally relevant shows as well as nationally distributed content, including news, nature films, and automotive information.

Current Cable and Satellite Providers

There are several companies that provide cable television services to consumers in Maryland. Among them are national companies like Comcast, as well as local services bringing cable to a specific region of Maryland, like Antietam Cable Television.
Satellite services available include DirecTV and Dish Networks, similar to the availability for many other states.

College and Campus Television

The University of Maryland produces a television channel called UMTV, which is provided through cable to a potential 400,000 households surrounding the university. With the slogan “Smart Television,” they aim to provide high quality television programming, both with original content created on campus, and broadcasting leading programs from other producers, like the BBC and the research channel. Original programming includes Maryland Newsline, which has been named the nation’s top daily news show made by college students. Top professors are also featured on UMTV, who present research and interview important figures.

Towson University also maintains a student-run television channel, WMJF-TV. It runs a variety of original programs, including local news and sports relevant to Towson and the surrounding areas.

The University of Maryland University College operates UMUC-TV for the benefit of local households, with a variety of programming focusing on topics that have relevance to the issues people are facing every day.

DTV Channel Lists are available for the following cities in Maryland.

Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
Columbia, Maryland (MD)
Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)
Dundalk, Maryland (MD)
Wheaton-Glenmont, Maryland (MD)
Ellicott City, Maryland (MD)
Germantown, Maryland (MD)
Bethesda, Maryland (MD)
Frederick, Maryland (MD)
Gaithersburg, Maryland (MD)