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Michigan is home to the 11th largest television market Detroit. Additional viewers of Detroit television, which are counted in its audience, come from across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (and surrounding areas).

U.S. Broadcast network history

In United States history there were four major commercial national broadcast networks, which included ABC, CBS, NBC, and the lesser known today, DuMont Television Network.

Besides growth restriction from certain FCC regulations at the time, other factors led DuMont to cease broadcasting in 1956. Needless to say, DuMont didn’t enter into the Big Three Television Networks, which are top-tier networks in Michigan and all over the U.S.

The “Big Three” over the air TV networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC dominated television in the U.S. from the 1950s to the late 1980s, and are a big part of TV today.

With the success of Fox (which incidentally was built upon the remnants of DuMont) over the past 10 years however, many media outlets have expanded the “Big Three” into a “Big Four” to include Fox as a peer network. The CW (created in 2006 when UPN merged with The WB) is often considered the 5th major network in the U.S.

TV broadcast networks list in Michigan

Of course, the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) exist in Michigan (MI), as well as the more recent extensions of the “Big” networks which include Fox and the CW.

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network is available in Michigan with its viewer-supported PBS member station WTVS Detroit Public Television.

All of the Detroit network affiliations, and their local station callsigns include: Fox (WJBK), NBC (WDIV-TV), ABC (WXYZ-TV), TCT (WDWO-CD), MyNetworkTV (WHTV, WMYD), Daystar (WUDT-LD), Ion Television (WPXD-TV), Independent (WHPR, WADL), My Family TV (WLPC-LD), The CW (WKBD-TV), PBS (WTVS), and CBS (WWJ-TV). Also available are Trinity Broadcasting Network (W47DL-D), and Ion Television (W48AV).

ABC’s Channel 7 action news offers a live stream available here: http://www.wxyz.com/subindex/video/live_stream

Top television stations in Detroit, Michigan

The WDWO-CD TV station broadcasts programming of the Tri-State Christian Television (TCT) religious network on channel 18.1 with sub-channels through to 18.4, which can be seen by viewers throughout Detroit’s west side, and in Highland Park. Spotty or partial viewing is available in Hamtramck, Windsor (in Canada), and the innermost western suburbs.

WJBK, often called “Fox 2,” is the Fox station in Metro Detroit. Broadcasting of its high-def signal is done on VHF channel 7 (virtual 2.1) from a tower erected in Southfield, MI, and covers all of Metro Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. It is also ported through Cable TV to southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, and southwestern Ontario.

WUDT-CD is a low-power affiliate of the Daystar Television Network, operating as a digital station on channel 23.1.

Serving as the Ion Television station for the Southeastern Michigan market is WPXD-TV, with the channel range 31.1 to 31.3.

WKBD-TV (channel 50.1) is owned and operated by the CBS Corporation, and is branded as “The CW 50.”

Michigan Cable TV providers

Michigan residents are offered a selection of a handful of cable TV service providers that also provide homes with Internet connectivity. Most offer VoIP telephone service as well included in their bundles.

A few different AT&T U-verse TV service plans are available, which they call their “U-family” plans. Comcast, arguably the largest and some say the best cable provider in Michigan, offer a few different “XFINITY” plans to their customers.

Time Warner Cable, Charter Cable TV, and Cox Cable round out the voice, data, and TV cable options for residents in Michigan.

Standard pricing ranges from $30/month to $90/month or more depending on the plan and the term. The term is typically 12-24 months.

Satellite TV providers in Michigan

Options for direct broadcast satellite in Michigan include the popular DISH Network, and DIRECTV.

DISH purchased Blockbuster Video, and has brached out its services to include streaming (DishOnline – with Cinemax and HBO programming) and mail-order video services. Their DishWorld service allows streaming through the Roku player, as was announced in late 2012.

There are many DISH authorized retailers across the U.S. that serve Michigan residents.

With DISH Network as its primary competitor, DirecTV also offers its services to residents across the U.S. and in Michigan. More than just TV, DirecTV provides audio services via satellite transmissions.

Services include local TV station equivalents, broadcast networks, subscription services, satellite radio, plus private video services.

MSU’s Campus Cable Television Network

Built on a set of open standards known as ClearQAM, the MSU Campus Cable Television Network doesn’t require any extra equipment (set-top box, converter, etc.) to be used.

Content is brought in from several sources including satellite, cable, and local stations, including WKAR. Almost 90 channels of content are provided to the housing system residents as part of their their room and board cost.

There are 3 levels of service which include: a pay-for digital tier, entertainment television (ETV), as well as instructional/interactive video services (IVS).