Nevada – Cities

The State of Nevada has several television markets, that broadcast a variety of different programing. According to the Nielsen Local Television Market Estimates, Las Vegas ranks at #41 for television viewing. The highest ranking city is New York according to the most recent statistics. Nevada was first introduced to television, during the forties along with the majority of the United States. According to more recent statistics and surveys about 2-11% of Nevada viewers watch access TV. One of the first television stations was KLAS, that opened on July 8, 1953.

Television Networks: Current Stations in Nevada

The size of the Nevada market allows for great representation of television networks all over the state. Some of these more major stations include: KENV(NBC), KVVU(Fox), KLAS-TV(CBS), KTNV-TV(PBS) and KTNV-TV(ABC). KLAS-TV(CBS) being one of the first major network in Las Vegas, has always held close ties with both CBS and ABC. Many of the same programming that is shown on both of these stations can frequently be found on KLAS-TV. From 1953-1968, this station was owned by Greenspun. In 1968 it was sold to Howard Hughes who bought it because he was upset that they never showed his favorite late night movies. After Howard Hughes passed the station was sold to Landmark Communications, who has recently changed its name to Landmark Media Enterprises.

Alongside the large stations there are a few different independent television stations in Nevada. Some of these independent television channels include: KEEN-CD, KHDF-CD, KTUD-CD, KHMP-LD and KVTE-LP. Local channels included in this are KCLV and CCTV which represent the city of Las Vegas and Clark County. The independent and local shows offer a diverse range of programming that bigger networks overlook. Some of this programming includes: History of Nevada, Sites of Nevada and local infomercials.

Nevada: Satellite and Cable Provider

The power and popularity of cable and satellite providers has grown incredibly in the last decade. Many of the most well known satellite and cable providers are being used by Nevada residents. Many residents are subscribed to DirecTV, Xfinity, Dish, and COX cable. All of these major satellite and cable companies allow Nevada residents to enjoy even more television programming. Many of these Cable providers also, provide high speed internet and even High Definition television programming. This allows a user to bundle their high speed internet, and cable/satellite programming together, oftentimes at a cheaper price.

Nevada: College and Campus Television Programming

Nevada is home to three major colleges that all provide television programming for their students. These three colleges are UNLV, CSN and Nevada State College. UNLV provides UNLV TV which provide shows for students to watch. These shows include: The Scramble, Vegas in Tune and Game On. Each of these programs provide a different type of entertainment or information for students. Many of these college television programs can be accessed by public viewers, to keep in touch with the latest events on campus. These televisions programs allows fans of the Nevada collegiate teams, to keep up with all of the games.